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The Fed is bankrupt, but it is unrealised. May 2023.

150 years of inflation. April 2023.

Bank-turmoil considerations. March 2023.

What was the cost of the pandemic? March 2023.

Oil prices and inflation expectations. February 2023.

Did energy prices cause this inflation surge? February 2023.

Striking similarities (and differences) between inflation today and in the 1970s. January 2023.

Recession in 2023? December 2022.

Real consequences of rising mortgage rates and falling stock prices. December 2022.

Some good news: Expect higher returns. November 2022.

Where is the liquidity? October 2022.

Threats to financial stability. October 2022.

Three economists’ (Cochrane’s, Reis’, and my own) explanations why inflation is so high. September 2022.

Why is inflation so high? August 2022.

A historical ECB meeting. Pros and cons of the TPI. July 2022.

Euro area dichotomy. July 2022.

Expected inflation in the euro area. June 2022.

Is euro area monetary policy tight or loose? June 2022

Lessons from the 1970s and monetary policy today. May 2022

Lessons from the 1970: Germany vs. U.S. April 2022.

Yield spreads and recessions. April 2022.

ECB's additional dilemma. March 2022.

Yield, growth, and valuation. February 2022.


Three unusually good years in markets. Why and will it continue? January 2022.

ECB’s dilemma: Choosing between the devil (raise rates) and the deep blue sea (don’t raise rates). December 2021.

Best in test: And the best stock return predictor is…….. end-of-the-year consumption growth. October 2021

Frothy stock and housing markets: How worried should we be? October 2021

Is 1970s-like inflation coming back? August 2021

It’s official: This was the shortest recession on record. July 2021

Summer reading: Probabilities of tail-events. July 2021

From Main St. to Wall St.: Expected returns. June 2021

From Main St. to Wall St.: The business cycle. May 2021

Expected returns, spring 2021 forecasts. May 2021

From Main St. to Wall St.: The long run. April 2021

From Main Street to Wall Street. March 2021

Yields and inflation expectations. March 2021

The global cost of the crisis. February 2021

The cost of the second wave. January 2021

2020. December 2020

The cost of this crisis

VV or W: When did (or does) this recession end?

If Biden wins

Expected returns, autumn 2020 updates

Quantitative Easing (QE) and biases in research

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Zero-probability events that happened

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Horrifying figures

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