News archive:

November 22, New working paper: Double Jeopardy. Households’ consumption responses to shocks in stock and mortgage markets

September 22. I organize the annual PeRCent conference.

July 22. Book on Danish pension system published.

July 22. Mutual fund paper published in the Review of Finance.

May 22. New working paper: Why do people hold deposits?

March 22. I co-edit Danish pension system book. To be published in June.

February 22. Two of my PhD students graduated. Congratulations Rasmus and Rikke!

January 22. Publication on Gender and pensions.

November 21. Mutual fund paper accepted for publication in the Review of Finance.

November 21. I organize PeRCent pension conference.

October 21. I receive DFI Dissemination Award.

September, 21. I organize exciting conference on the long-run outlook for interest rates.

August 21. I accept a position as a member of the board of non-executive directors at Advantage Investment Partners.

August 21. I co-organize longevity conference.

March 21. My book From Main Street to Wall Street is published.

Dec. 20. I accept a position as a member of the board of non-executive directors at the Danish Financial Resolution Authority.

Nov. 20. I co-organize the annual PeRCent conference.

Sep. 20. Publication on home bias of retail investors.

Sep. 20. Publication on Danish and Dutch pension systems.

Aug. 20. I organize symposium on alternative investments.

June 20. Publication on Nordic financial sector.

May. 20. I turn 50. Most Danish newspapers publish portraits. 

April 20. I start up my blog and this home page.