Working papers: 

Mandatory pension contributions: Effects on household consumption and savings(With Linda S. Larsen, Ulf Nielsson, and Mara Nutu). March 2023.

Double Jeopardy. Householdsconsumption responses to shocks in stock and mortgage markets. (With Linda S. Larsen, Ulf Nielsson, and Rikke S. Nielsen). November 2022.

Active or passive: Deposit investments of individual investors (With Linda S. Larsen, Ulf Nielsson, and  Oliver-Alexander Press). February 2024.

How do interest-only mortgages affect consumption and saving over the life cycle? (With Linda S. Larsen, Claus Munk, and Rikke S. Nielsen). Forthcoming Management Science

This paper will remain a permanent working paper, but people still ask for it and I still think it has some interesting practical implications: 

What rate of return can we expect over the next decade? March 2017